Questions and Answers

Q – Ian, I have been told that you are one of the top Wedding Photographers in the World, can you tell me more?

A – I love my mum to bits! she also told people I was the best Chef in the world when I worked at Morrisons Cafe as a student……

Q – Whats your favourite style of Wedding Photography?

A – Reportage, the natural stuff, telling the story of the day, capturing the emotions and love.


An example of one of my Natural Reportage wedding photographs – capturing the emotions

Q – Looking through your portfolio, I can see some posed stuff…..

A – I specialise in Natural Reportage wedding photography, and Documentary wedding photography, but I can also do the posed stuff! I do it a bit different though – capturing the natural moments between the poses.  During your consultation, I can show you examples of the different styles, and explain how they are captured – for now, you can click the link on these styles for some ideas from my Wedding Photographs – ReportageDocumentaryModern Traditional.  Some couples specify a little bit of posed photography (Traditional) they want a photograph of just the 2 of them in front of their church for example, or they specify they want the group shots – its my job to make them natural, beautiful and artistic.

Rochdale Wedding Photographer

An example of one of my posed group shots – doesn’t look posed right!


Q – What phrase or word describes your thoughts on the kind of Wedding Photography you offer?

A – I see too many Wedding Photographers trying to create moments at weddings, its crazy, and leads to false unnatural looking wedding photographs.  I capture the moments, the emotions, the story – your wedding, your day.

Q – Is Ian W Holt Photography a team of staff? or a one man band?

A –I sing alone, and I don’t sing well with others. I have to be in control of every aspect of my creativity, simple.  I can offer 2nd wedding photographers for your wedding day, using prime wedding photographers from other companies.

Q – Do you cover Weddings abroad?

A – No I don’t sorry.

Q – Whats the best venue you have photographed a Wedding at?

A – I have worked in all the North Wests biggest venues, Rookery Hall (Beckham’s got engaged here), Colshaw Hall, Knowsley Hall, Beeston Manor, Fishermans retreat, Saddleworth Hotel… them all, and they have great teams to make your wedding perfect! but I also love some of the smaller venues – Bellavista in Milnrow, Moss Lodge Rochdale, Norton Grange, Mere Court Hotel, White Hart Saddleworth, Clough Manor Saddleworth, Sandhole Oak Barn….and I also love the classic venues – Rochdale town Hall, Red Lion Burnsall, Mere Court Hotel……

Q – Thats not much help Ian…..

A –Its got to be Colshaw Hall…..or Rookery Hall…..or Knowsley Hall….. 

Q – What do you do in your spare time?

A – errrrr, take photographs 🙂

Q – What advice would you give for our wedding day?

A – Slow down, it goes so fast.