Sharon & David – Moss Lodge Rochdale

Moss Lodge Rochdale wedding photography

Sharon & David at the Moss Lodge in Rochdale

Sooooo – my jaw has only just stop aching! I really don’t think I have ever laughed so much at a wedding! Sharon & David – you really are stars!!!

There are around 1500 photographs from this wedding – a few hours worth of viewing! you can click the link below to have a look.

I have selected a few hundred photographs from the wedding, and put them together in a slideshow that tells the story of the day.  Please turn you sound up loud, and press play to be taken right back to the day itself.

CLICK HERE – to view and download the entire set of photographs.  Please note – there are 5 different sets, each containing several hundred photographs! click on the first set (1-300) and so on. **please be aware, around 30 photographs have corrupted during the upload process, and have a red cast to them, this does not effect the original photograph, and I will replace these ASAP**