Anna & Ed – Sandhole Oak Barn

Anna & Ed at the Sandhole Oak Barn

Wedding photography at the Sandhole Oak Barn Marton

Wedding photography at Saint James & Saint Paul, Marton

I am delighted to present Anna & Ed’s wedding photographs – all 2200 of them! A fabulous wedding at St James & St Paul’s church, followed by a cracking party at the Sandhole Oak barn – with a few speeches, food, and emotion in between…..

The weather did try us – with horrendous winds and an early down poor joining near zero temperatures! with things starting to clear for the ceremony, just as the light began to fade and blessed the area in golden rays! everybody trooped on – and we managed groups shots in the freezing cold, and a few shoots in the dark with Anna & Ed! though it wasn’t hard to convince them to come out…

First up is the slideshow – please start here, as its the story being told by me, through the lens.  And then below the slideshow, you can find the 400ish photographs used to produce it.  When you have a few spare hours – you can CLICK HERE to be taken to the viewing and download area, were you can then view all 2200 photographs, and download any photographs you wish (free for all you lucky people) – the resolution will be high enough for sharing, and minor printing, but not full size – Anna & Ed will get them.

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Slideshow is reduced in quality for better streaming – a full HD version will be sent to the couple.

Below – the photographs used in the slideshow.  Click here – to view all 2200….

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