Dave & Vic – Red Lion Burnsall

Dave & Vic at the Red Lion in Burnsall

Red Lion Burnsall Wedding photographer

Red Lion Burnsall weddings

What a day (and night)! you know its been an epic wedding when you end up with more than 2300 photographs to give to the couple! (hence the slight delay in getting them ready – am sure you will forgive me….)

I would like to say that Dave & Vic’s wedding at the Red Lion Burnsall is the best I have ever photographed – but I also photographed Vic’s sisters wedding, and her husband is huge!  😉 but you know what I mean.

Red Lion Burnsall weddings

Clearly, with so many photographs from the red Lion Burnsall, there has to be somewhere to start – so scroll down and find the slideshow I have put together.  There are just over 600 photographs used from the 2300+ in this slideshow, so if your photograph is not there, then dont panic 😉

The music used in this slideshow has been chosen by me, not Dave & Vic – purely from a copyright point of view.

A couple of points:- main point, the quality of my photographs are reduced in order to make the slideshow more usable on the interweb – that is all.

Red Lion Burnsall weddings

When you have watched the slideshow of Dave & Vics wedding at the red Lion Burnsall- click the link below to view every single photograph, from the link, you can also instantly download photographs, and purchase very special prints (if you wish).  PLEASE contact me with any issues, and not Dave & Vic, I know they are extremely busy 😉

CLICK HERE to be taken to the viewing and download area – here you can view every photograph taken on the day, instantly download them to your computer, and order special prints.  To make it easier, the photographs are split into 5 collections, signified by the event in the day – simple 🙂

Red Lion Burnsall weddings

Just a couple of the photographs – a teaser, please click the link above to view them all 🙂

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